The company

The implementation of the project is carried out in the village Sharashensky of Alekseevsky district of the Volgograd region on an area of 50 hectares. The region is the center of a raw material base for growing corn grain, with a comprehensive supply of energy resources (gas, water, electricity). The proximity of roads and railways creates a convenient logistics transport structure of the enterprise in relation to both suppliers of raw materials and consumers of finished products. The presence of the ports of the Volga-Don and the Black Sea basins allows to have access to all parts of the world through the shipment of finished products by river and sea transport.

The Project is financed at the expense of the investor's own funds and investment crediting of ROSSELHOZBANK JSC within the framework of the state policy for the development of the country's agro-industrial complex. The total investment has already amounted to more than RUB 13.5 billion.


Author of the Project:

International Starch Institute (Denmark) is a leading European engineering company in the field of starch and starch products.

NewBio LLC is a modern high-tech industrial complex based on many years of world experience, the latest scientific achievements and innovative technologies for deep grain processing. The project provides for full automation of all technological processes, which guarantees their stability, high efficiency and quality of finished products.

The equipment suppliers were global companies with many years of experience in the processing of agricultural products: LARSSON (Sweden), VETTER TEC (Germany), ALFA LAVAL (Sweden), GEA (Germany), Schmidt-Bretten Gmbl (Germany), CIMBRIA (Denmark), Andritz (Austria), Entoleter LLC (USA), BEHN + BATES (Germany).


The NewBio LLC enterprise includes the main production buildings:

  • 1 for acceptance, preparation, and processing of corn grain;
  • 2 building for the production of sugary starch products (liquid glucose syrups, maltodextrins, dry syrups);
  • 3 building for the production of feed products (dry corn germ, dry gluten, gluten feed);
  • 4 warehouse complexes for packaging, storage, and shipment of finished products.
  • The needs for energy resources and their stable supply are provided by our own energy facilities: gas boiler house, power substation, gas distribution substation, water wells.

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