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Personal data processing policy

Your privacy is important to us. This internet privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Privacy Policy”) explains how we protect your privacy when visiting this website and other websites of NewBio LLC which display the text of this privacy policy, or when you use an application for digital devices of NewBio LLC, in particular, a mobile application that contains a link to this privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Website(s)”). This privacy policy describes the types of information we collect and track when you use our websites, as well as how it is used and to whom it is transmitted. If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact us. This site is operated by NewBio LLC, a company registered in the country for which the content of this website is intended. The list of countries for which the content of this website is intended is presented at the following link:
In the text of this privacy policy NewBio LLC is referred to as “NewBio”, and is also designated by the pronouns “we” and “our” in the appropriate form.

Scope of the privacy policy

The privacy policy covers the personal information we collect through our websites. Personal information is information that ascertains your identity, relates to it, describes it, or can be sufficiently related to it, directly or indirectly, individually or in combination with other information available to us. Examples of personal information include your name, contact information, credit card information, job applications, information you provide when creating an account or personal profile on one of our websites, as well as information about the web pages you viewed and how to navigate through our websites. Your consent and other legal grounds for the use of your personal information
Please read the text of the privacy policy carefully. By visiting or using this website, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with the terms of this privacy policy. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THE COLLECTION, USE AND DISCLOSURE OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE TERMS OF THIS PRIVACY POLICY, CLOSE THE WEB PAGE AND STOP USING THE SITE. IF THE CURRENT LEGISLATION VESTS YOU WITH SUCH A RIGHT, YOU CAN ALSO WITHDRAW YOUR CONSENT AT ANY TIME BY CONTACTING US. PLEASE NOTE: ACCORDING TO THE LEGISLATION, EVEN AFTER WITHDRAWAL OF YOUR CONSENT, WE ARE OBLIGED OR ENTITLED TO COLLECT, USE AND DISCLOSE A PART OR THE FULL AMOUNT OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION. We also collect, use and disclose your personal information in cases where it is necessary to fulfil the contract terms or to realize our legitimate interests related to the conduct, protection and improvement of our activities.

Introduction of amendments into the privacy policy

As new options and functions are added to our websites, we may introduce appropriate changes to the privacy policy. We reserve the right to introduce such changes at any time without prior notice by publishing an updated version of the privacy policy on our websites. These changes will take effect from the publishing date of the new privacy policy version on our websites. The effect of the changes will apply only to the personal information that will be collected after the publishing of a new version. By using our websites after introduction of such changes, you confirm that you agree to the terms of the updated version of the privacy policy. In this regard, we strongly recommend you to review regularly the text of this privacy policy. If the terms of the privacy policy are changed, the notification of these changes will be placed at the beginning of the text of the privacy policy for at least 30 days that will allow detecting changes made since your last visit. The current text of the privacy policy is available at any time via the Privacy Policy (“Privacy policy”) or Privacy Notices (“Privacy notices”) link at the bottom of any page or on our websites.

Privacy notices

From time to time privacy notices are published on our websites with additions or amendments to the terms of the privacy policy. As general, privacy notices contain information about types of personal information that we collect on certain web pages or in certain sections of our websites, as well as about purposes of collecting such information and how to use it.

Agreements regulating your use of password-protected sections and special functions of this website

When registering the rights to use certain password-protected sections or special options, we may require your consent to special conditions regulating your use of the corresponding password-protected sections or special options. In such cases you will have to express explicitly your consent to special conditions, e.g. by marking the appropriate item or clicking the “Accept” button, i.e. conclude an interactive agreement. If the terms of this interactive agreement differ from the terms of the privacy policy, then the terms of the interactive agreement are considered as additions or amendments to the privacy policy, but the scope of such additions and amendments is limited to the range of issues regulated by the interactive agreement.

Types of personal information collected via our websites

The information you provide. We collect personal information that you consciously provide (using the mouse and the keyboard) when visiting our websites. The content of collected information depends on how you use our websites. For example, if you subscribe to our newsletter by email, we store your email address and other information provided by subscribing. In general, our websites distinguish between information that we need in order to provide you with a specific product, service or comply with your request (required fields), and information that would be useful to us, but is not necessary. Please note: we cannot provide you with a product, service or comply with your request if the required fields are not filled in. Additional information. From time to time, we may supplement the information you provide to us with information from our business partners, social networks or other sources. For example, we may receive additional information to confirm your address or information about your enterprise. Moreover, provided information may be supplemented with information that we can receive from you via other websites of NewBio LLC, digital applications or other channels. For example, if you are a client of NewBio LLC, we may supplement the information that you provide on-line with the information that you provided by concluding other deals with NewBio LLC. Information coming from your web browser. We collect information that is automatically transmitted by your web browser. Generally this is your IP address, information about your Internet service provider, the name and version of your operating system, the name and version of your browser, the date and time of your visit, and visited pages. An IP address is a unique number that is automatically assigned to your computer when you connect to the Internet. This address determines the "”location” of your computer in cyberspace to deliver the information you requested to your computer. If you connect to the Internet using a dial-up modem or you have a connection with a dynamic IP address, then a new IP address will be assigned to your computer every time you connect to the Internet. If your computer is constantly connected to the Internet with a static IP address, then the IP address of your computer remains unchanged. It is not a scertain your identity by an IP address, but we classify IP addresses as personal information. If you (or someone who has access to your email) respond to our emails, for example, open an email, upload images or click on a link sent by us, your browser sends us information about that. We use this information to optimize our marketing initiatives. In addition, we analyse server logs, which may contain the IP addresses of our visitors, for safety assurance and fraud protection. If there are signs of illegal actions, we may transfer server logs and personal information collected through this website to relevant investigative authorities, who may use this information to identify and track suspects. Information about the device and its location. We are also entitled to collect information about the device that users use for downloading the application, including unique device identifiers, information about the operating system or mobile network for system administration purposes. We may also automatically collect and store certain information in our server logs in order to study how persons use the application for system administration purposes, to increase customer satisfaction and customer service level. This type of information includes information, when, how and which elements of the application you used, viewed and when you left application pages, as well as date or time stamps. Cookies and similar technologies. A cookie is a small file sent by a website or digital application and stored on the user's computer. It allows a website or application to store information about you and your preferences. We use cookies and other web technologies in various ways. In particular, we can use such technologies for the following purposes: collecting information about the behaviour of visitors on our websites, including viewed pages, links clicked by visitors, and the time visitors spent on each web page; simplifying the work with our websites, for example, a visitor shall not have to re-enter information that is already contained in our database, or storing the parameters set by the visitor; personalization of interaction with our websites; providing third parties (for example, social networking sites) with the opportunity to prepare Internet audiences of their users who are current customers of NewBio LLC or have similar characteristics, provided that the relevant third parties comply with your privacy settings; identification of users who have already visited the website of NewBio LLC or interacted with NewBio LLC in the Internet in order to show such users relevant advertising when they view other websites, including third-party websites; evaluation of the effectiveness of our on-line advertising and email advertising. In particular, when you interact with advertisements placed on our behalf by a third party, we may receive information that does not allow us to identify you, such as demographic data or general information about your interests. We use two types of cookies: session cookies are placed on your computer only for the duration of your visit to our websites and are automatically deleted from your computer when you close your browser; permanent cookies cease to be valid after the expiration of the specified period or when they are deleted by the user himself. In some cases, the use of “third-party cookies” is implied, i.e. cookies created by a third-party software for the purpose of statistical analysis of visitors behaviour on web pages and the ways they move around the site or to display on-line advertising from on-line sources. After visiting our websites, third-party cookies may collect information about your on-line activity on other websites. Generally the information collected using these web technologies does not identify you by name. However, in cases where you create a user ID, for example, an account to access to some password-protected sections of our websites, we may link the information we collect through web technologies with other information which can be helpful to identify you.

Using of your personal information in NewBio LLC

In general personal information collected via our websites is used for the following purposes: providing the products, services and information you have requested; safety assurance and fraud protection; ensuring of service high quality; personalization of your interaction with our websites; displaying personalized advertisements by visiting our websites and third-party websites; preparation of information and special offers that how we think will be of interest to you; preparation of notifications with important information regarding the use of our websites; preparation of invitations to take part in surveys and provide us with feedback; exploring your interests and needs; improving the content, functionality and usability of our websites; improving our products and services; improving our marketing and advertising initiatives; any other purposes introduced by the relevant privacy notice or other agreement concluded between NewBio LLC and you.

Transfer of your personal information to third parties

We may transfer personal information collected via our websites in the following manner. Within NewBio LLC personal information may be transferred within the company (i.e., from one business unit to another), as well as to our affiliated companies, if there is a need for these divisions and companies to access to such information for the purposes described in the privacy policy. During business activities. For strategic or other reasons, NewBio LLC may decide to sell, purchase, merge or otherwise reorganize one or more business units. By such activities it is possible to disclose personal information to potential buyers. In case of sale of the business. Your personal information may be transferred to a company that will acquire shares or assets of NewBio LLC or one of our business units, for example as a result of a sale, merger, reorganization or liquidation. For assurance of the compliance with the legislation, for protection of the company’s and other people's rights. We may disclose personal information in cases where we reasonably believe that it is necessary to comply with the legislation, comply with a court order or to investigate crimes. Personal information may also be disclosed for the following purposes: prevention or investigation of potential crimes, such as fraud and theft of personal data; application or enforcement of application instructions established for our on-line resources and other agreements; protection of our rights or property, protection of the rights, property or safety of our users and other individuals and legal entities. In accordance with the procedure described in the relevant privacy notice. We reserve the right to disclose personal information in accordance with the conditions of the privacy notice published on the web page or in the application of NewBio LLC, where you provide this personal information. By submitting personal information on this web page or in the NewBio LLC’s application, you consent to the disclosure of your personal information in accordance with the procedure introduced by this privacy notice. In accordance with the procedure introduced by the relevant interactive agreement. We reserve the right to disclose your personal information in accordance with the procedure introduced by any interactive agreement to which you have agreed.

Retention time of your personal information

Your personal information is to be retained until it becomes clear that this information is not needed to solve our business problems and may not be needed to protect our company in the event of court proceedings. Your personal information that lost value to us shall be deleted or (in some cases) anonymised. If hereinafter you withdraw your consent and we lose the legal grounds to continue processing your personal information, we will delete it.


We take commercially acceptable measures to protect the confidentiality, integrity and safety of your personal information, but we cannot guarantee its complete safety. In this regard, we strongly recommend for users to take all possible measures to protect their personal information on the Internet. Password protection. Some sections of our websites are password protected. You are responsible for the confidentiality of your passwords. We are entitled to believe that anyone who accesses to our websites using your password has the right to such access. You are solely responsible for the actions of any person who has gained access to our websites using your password, even if you have not given this person the appropriate authority. If you suspect that your password has been compromised or used without your permission, change it immediately using the appropriate functions of our website. If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy or our methods of processing confidential information, please contact us.

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