Production site
of the enterprise

The project provides for important infrastructure facilities, the activities of which ensure the environmental safety of the enterprise: treatment facilities for biological treatment of industrial and household wastewater (project developer Hydrotech Engineering LLC, Slovakia), a highly mineralized wastewater treatment plant, a line for desalting concentrated wastewater from water treatment (developer LLC "Baromembrane technology")

The enterprise has created more than 400 jobs with comfortable working and rest conditions. Meals are organized in their own dining room. Nonresident employees are provided with comfortable accommodation (fully furnished hotel-type apartments).


At present, the production capacity of the enterprise is designed to process 150,000 tons of food corn per year. Only high quality non-GMO corn is processed.

Requirements for raw materials are met by purchases of corn grain from agricultural producers in the Volgograd, Rostov, Voronezh, Samara and Saratov regions in terms of quality that meets the established requirements of the Project.

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